Welcome to Sense Forest

About Us

Cottagecore is a lifestyle aesthetic that celebrates a simpler way of life, often associated with rural or agricultural living. It embraces nostalgia for simpler times and focuses on natural and rustic elements, including floral patterns, vintage textiles, and traditional crafts. It emphasizes the importance of connecting with nature and often includes elements such as gardening, foraging, and farm-to-table cooking. The overall aesthetic is cozy, charming, and romantic, with a focus on slowing down and enjoying the little things in life.

My name is She Kay, and I'm the owner, illustrator, and designer behind Sense Forest. I created Sense Forest with a simple goal in mind; to create beautiful, unique, and high-quality bags inspired by nature, Paganism, and modern witchcraft. Based in Canada in Victoria, British Columbia, Sense Forest is a line of bags, purses, and apparel designed to honor our ancient and sacred connection to nature. 

Designed in my workshop on Vancouver Island, all of our products are vegan. They are made out of either high-grade vegan leather or waterproof canvas, which is durable and also water-resistant. 

What We Believe

We believe in the divinity of nature. We believe that we have an important bond with the world around us; that our connection with trees, rocks, and animals can lead the way towards love and enlightenment. We believe it’s important to honor the goddess within ourselves and use that power to improve our world. Our goal at Sense Forest is to bring awareness to forest preservation and the protection of old-growth trees. 


Vancouver Island forest tree line